Schattauer GmbH Privacy Policy

Schattauer GmbH maintains and upholds all legal regulations for data security and shall inform you, the customers and visitors to the Schattauer Internet presence, about the steps taken by Schattauer to protect you and your information/rights. Schattauer GmbH is doing everything possible to protect the personal rights entitled to each and every individual.

Description of the Schattauer GmbH Personal Information Policy

  • Personal details provided in our online forms, for example, an E-mail address, name and telephone number as well as
  • all of the data and information maintained by the subscription administration and the data and information that is acquired via subscription administration.

By making use of our site or by registering for one of our services, you are consenting to the storage of this personal information in our databases. Your information shall not be made available to a third party.

How does Schattauer GmbH make use of your information?

We make use of your personal information to assist in processing the goods and services ordered from our company. When the opportunity presents itself, we shall make use of your information to inform you of new products from Schattauer that are similar to the products that you have ordered or referred to in the past. We shall also inform you of possible changes and updates as they pertain to Schattauer. By registering with our Internet presence for Schattauer GmbH products and services, you declare you approval in allowing Schattauer GmbH to make use of your E-mail address in this manner. To be able to offer our customers affordable full text articles, Schattauer GmbH analyzes and generates access numbers for the offered products in order to establish user statistics. You can directly request these access numbers from the webmaster.

Application of Cookies

Schattauer GmbH makes use of cookies on some of our website pages. Cookies are small text files that are then deposited on your computer. They do not cause any damage and do not contain any of your personal information. The information included in the cookies makes it possible for our system to immediately recognize your computer the next time you visit our site. This allows for a better rate of user-friendliness and makes it easier for you to make use of our Internet sites.

You can adjust your browser such that you are informed about cookies being set up on your computer, about deciding from situation to situation by being given the option to accept them or by fundamentally denying them at all times.

Rights to Access

In accordance with the German Federal Data Protection Act (BDSG), you are legally entitled to gratuitous details about your stored data and information. You also posses the legal entitlement to the authorization, blockage or deletion of this data and information.

Right to Revoke
If you have provided us with personal data and information, they can be deleted at any time. Data and information pertaining to invoicing or accounting purposes shall not be altered or affected by a possible deletion. This gathering and storing of data and information can be revoked or cancelled, effective immediately, at any time in the future.